Complete solutions

We are “EPC oriented”: We are prepared to execute the entire project life cycle – from engineering detailing to commissioning and starting installation.

Ready for new challenges

As evidenced by our history of success and having the support of a global operations group, we are always in line with the technological, market, and management trends.

Proven Delivery Capability

In recent years we delivered important projects to national and international customers, within the agreed deadlines and with proven performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to fully meet our customers’ expectations, helping them to overcome the challenges in each project.

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Offshore construction is our specialty.

High safety standards, business ethics, competitiveness, high level of quality, complete and efficient tailored solutions, meeting deadlines, digital projects.

Quality, work safety, occupational health, and 24/7 environmental preservation.

About EBR

Our business is offshore construction. With a highly experienced, skilled and up-to-date technical team, we develop the best and most advanced solutions according to the customers' needs. Also, as part of the Group of companies led by TS Participações e Investimentos S.A. (TSPI)