EBR receives certificate for reduction of greenhouse gases

Estaleiros do Brasil (EBR) has just received the Renewable Energy Certificate 2021, for the reduction of179.47 tons of Carbon dioxide – CO2 – equivalent of greenhouse gases from the use of energy from renewable sources.

This certification confirms EBR’s Environmental Policy, also attested by the certification of its Environmental Management System, in accordance with the NBR ISO 14001 standard, which prioritizes environmental protection and prevention of pollution and the consequent reduction of environmental impacts. “Our commitment is to implement actions with sustainability, productivity and profitability”, says Leonardo Bullos Allmenroeder, HSE Manager.


In view of the commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention, EBR starts to use a portion of the energy necessary for its operations, coming from renewable sources (wind and solar generator parks).

Climate change concerns governments, businesses, consumers and society as a whole. For this reason, over the years, social and environmental responsibility has become an important element in the image of companies. Thus, using renewable energy is, in addition to a way of contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, a way of adding value to your product or service, concludes Allmenroeder.

Content Publisher/Fiorella Fatio