EBR shipyard celebrates contribution to P-74

EBR Shipyard celebrates together with Petrobras the good performance in oil and gas production in the third quarter announced by the state-owned company on October 17th. According to company data, among other good results, there was a growth of 17% in pre-salt production, which accounts for 60.4% of all oil currently extracted in Brazil.

According to Petrobras, this evolution is related to the increased production of six platforms that began production in 2018 and 2019, including the P-74, the first FPSO to enter into operation in the Búzios Field, in the pre- Campos Basin salt, with the capacity to process 150,000 barrels of oil and 7 million m3 of gas per day.

According to Petrobras, the P-74 reached a peak production of 161,000 barrels/day in July 2019 and already accounts for about 6% of all pre-salt production, which includes dozens of platforms. “EBR contributed to this performance. At our shipyard in São José do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, we made the topside EPC, with 17 process modules, the riser pipe rack and the central pipe rack, in addition to carrying out the integration of the modules, the commissioning and the platform startup”, highlights Maurício Godoy, EBR Shipyard CEO.

The commercial manager of the EBR, Luiz Felipe Camargo, also informs that the shipyard also carried out an additional scope of the hull, which included construction, assembly and commissioning services for the naval systems.

Maurício Godoy recalls that, due to the high level of quality of the service performed by the EBR, the extraction of the first oil from the P-74 was carried out 80 days in advance of what was agreed in the contract. “Considering the current price and average production of the P-74, we estimate that this FPSO generates a average daily revenue of R$30 million, that is, approximately R$900 million in revenue per month for the Client< /strong>”, calculates the EBR Shipyard CEO.

For the early delivery and good service performed during the execution of the project, The EBR Shipyard was awarded by Petrobras as the best supplier of 2018 in the engineering category, which also includes  construction and assembly services . Luiz Felipe informs that the shipyard is currently manufacturing more process modules for another FPSO-type platform that will also operate in the pre-salt for a private client.

Content Editor/Abgail Cardoso