Toyo Setal and EBR migrate management system to SAP

To facilitate the adaptation of their procedures to the requirements of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), the companies Toyo Setal and EBR are migrating their integrated management system (ERP) to SAP. At Toyo Setal, the new ERP starts to be used in April and, at EBR, the change is scheduled for July 2021.

“SAP is one of the best-selling ERPs in the world, it is prepared to meet the LGPD and the provider guarantees the continuous updating of the system”, highlights the Digital Transformation Manager, Rodrigo Sasso. 

According to him, as Toyo Setal and EBR are part of a publicly traded group, transparency and information security are essential to comply with the rules applied to this company model. “The change from ERP to SAP brings a leap in quality in management. We will have a consolidated view of the projects and companies of the group”, he says.

Among SAP’s differentials, Sasso highlights multilingual support in up to 6 currencies. “Users can browse in their native language. Brazilians have the information in Portuguese and Japanese access it in their language. We can also view fiscal results in up to six currencies, with automatic conversion”, explains Sasso.

Along with the ERP migration, the human resources management system is also being migrated to Metadata, especially to meet the requirement of anonymization of sensitive employee data.

Digital Transformation

Rodrigo Sasso also informs that the covid-19 pandemic and the need for social distance accelerated the actions of digital transformation in the group’s companies. “We had already been doing work to increase the mobility of teams, but with the pandemic we had to put around 200 people working remotely overnight,” he recalls.

With the use of the Microsoft Teams collaborative platform and adaptations to the telephone network, the companies managed to maintain normal operation, without negative impacts for customers, and also gained greater efficiency, reduced costs and avoided rework thanks to the centralization of files in one shared environment. 

Content Publisher/Abgail Cardoso