Toyo Setal’s EPC Portal receives tribute from ABERIMEST

EPC Conectado Portal receives tribute from ABERIMEST

Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. / EBR – Shipyards of Brazil Ltda. received  on August 19, an honor during the delivery of the Communications Man of the Year Award, sponsored by ABERIMEST (Brazilian Association of Engineering Companies and Telecommunications and Infrastructure/IT Professionals) . Held at the Engineering Institute, the event brought together industry leaders and government representatives.

ABERIMEST’s honor is the fifth recognition given to the digital platform of Toyo Setal/Estaleiro EBR, which received the name of Portal EPC Conectado, for bringing together, via web interface, the company, the customer and suppliers involved in the project.

During its construction, which began 10 years ago with a focus on engineering, when the topic of digital transformation was still in its infancy in Brazil, the platform received three international awards from AVEVA, a supplier of part of the systems used, which annually highlights the best users of its solutions, and one from Petrobras. “The market’s recognition proves that our solution is among the best in the world and allows us to say that it adds a lot of value to the management of contracts”, says Maurício Godoy, CEO of EBR – Estaleiros do Brasil, company of the same group as Toyo Setal.

What is it

The EPC Conectado Portal is an integrative system, which today incorporates all processes and systems for the development and management of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. One of the great benefits is to allow data from all disciplines to permeate to other systems continuously, making it possible to identify and manage changes, obtaining information for monitoring the entire EPC.


The EPC Conectado Portal has already been used in several projects by Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda., a company belonging to the same group as EBR – Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda., and in FPSO P-74, with the following benefits:

  • Elimination of paper document processing.
  • Centralization of document storage.
  • Evolution of governance, greater transparency and predictability.
  • Sharing of information available in the system with the client through a WEB interface, allowing the monitoring of project and construction progress in time real.
  • Digital delivery to the customer, facilitating the operation and maintenance of the plant.
Editora Conteúdo/Abgail Cardoso