Markets and Competences

What we do

Markets and Competences

We are experts in project development for construction, integration and commissioning of offshore oil and gas production platforms, on EPC (Engineering, Supplies and Construction) mode. Also, we provide detailing engineering, supplies, construction, integration of process modules (topside), and offshore services.

We are committed to delivering to customers and clients the best technical solution, the best productivity, cost-benefit, quality, safety, and within the agreed term. Based on the understanding of the customer’s needs, we develop solutions aligned with the best national and international practices for all phases of complex projects in the areas of offshore construction.

Our infrastructure and teams are prepared to carry out the following services:

100% digital projects

Technology and Innovation

With our web EPC Portal, we are among the main shipyards in the world in process digitalization, with a robust integrated system for project development and management. Our platform began to be developed in 1990 by Setal Engenharia, from which EBR further originated, at a time when this concept of digitization did not exist.

Constantly evolving, the current EPC Portal integrates all phases, disciplines and processes of a development. The web platform has been acknowledged by several awards for adding value, quality and control to the projects.

For the customer, the EPC Portal represents, among other benefits:

Transparency – The client can follow up the progress of his project in real time, via the web, in three-dimensional models.

Integration – The data is centralized and always updated, thus improving the management of materials and deadlines.

Digital Project – It does not require the use of paper documents, making the governance, operation and maintenance of the plant easier, besides being environment-friendly.


The client can monitor the progress of their project in real time via the web in three-dimensional models.


Data is centralized and always up to date, improving material and deadline management.

digital project

It does not require the use of paper documents, facilitating the governance, operation and maintenance of the plant, in addition to contributing to the environment.

People Management

Our way of being

People are sources of inspiration and success

Essential to the company's success, our professionals are our main asset and receive full attention for development. To support EBR's business strategy, the Human and Organizational Development (HOD) department make efforts to attract and retain the best talents, seeking professionals who are skilled, engaged and committed to ethics, compliance with laws and regulations, respect for rights security and the delivery of quality services. We encourage a high-performance, balanced environment and the mastery of essential key skills: Operational Excellence, People Engagement, Customer Care, Proactivity/Flexibility, and Teamwork. All of this while also focusing on maturity levels, the ability to manage yourself and others, processes, businesses and clients – both internal and external.

Training and Development

This is one of our pillars in HOD. We support our teams to broaden their skills as well as technical and behavioral knowledge so that they perform their roles in a more productive, effective and efficient way. Training is designed according to specific needs, but always with a commitment to fully meet the contractual obligations and expectations of clients and partners. We also establish partnerships with local institutions and bodies, fostering the development of professionals and the community where we operate.

Young Engineers Program

We pay special attention to newly graduated engineers, with a program focused on their development and training to work in the projects. The "Young Engineers Program – Building the Future" aims to contribute to the training of innovative professionals who are willing to face challenges and who are able to identify opportunities with a global, sensible and constructive view. The program also addresses our values and culture. We are building the future and we want you to be part of this project!