Toyo Setal wins bid for work at COMPERJ

In a bidding process that took more than a year, Toyo Setal won the tender to complete the work on the utilities of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ), which had been paralyzed since 2015. The contract was signed on September 16 and Petrobras is expected to issue the service authorization in October. The deadline for completion of the works is 18 months.

“This is an extremely important contract for Toyo Setal, as it represents the resumption of the relationship with Petrobras, traditionally our biggest customer”, says the commercial manager of Toyo Setal, Rafael Lima.

According to him, as it was a question of finishing a work that was stalled, Toyo Setal worked intensively on the preparation of the proposal. “Our specialists from all disciplines made several visits to the site to thoroughly assess what had already been done and what remained to be done, in order to guarantee the presentation of a complete proposal in addition to being competitive,” he says.

In addition, the contracting process provided for the invitation only to companies registered with Petrobras and that had proven technical and financial capacity to carry out the work. So, the decision criterion was based on the lowest price. In addition, the sector had just gone through the biggest economic crisis in the country’s history, leaving companies with a very small project portfolio, thus increasing the appetite for this project.

Positive Perspectives

For the city of Itaboraí, where COMPERJ is located, the resumption of Petrobras investment is excellent news, as the city has plunged into a deep economic and social crisis due to the work stoppage. The utilities enterprise alone, which will be carried out by Toyo Setal, should generate a thousand direct jobs at the peak of the work. It is estimated that each direct job opens four more indirect jobs. With this, this project should generate 5 thousand jobs in the city, thus contributing to the recovery of the local economy.

Editora Conteúdo/Abgail Cardoso

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